Moore Industries announces product update to the TCS Temperature Concentrator System

By Moore Industries   

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Moore Industries announces a new product update to the TCS Temperature Concentrator System allowing for high-density temperature monitoring over Ethernet using the HES HART-to-Ethernet Gateway System.

The latest update to the TCS now allows the HES HART-to-Ethernet Gateway System to work with the 16-channel TCM Temperature Concentrator Modules, enabling Ethernet-based communication with the TCS. The HES comes in one or four-channel models with two TCMs able to connect to each channel. The four-channel HES can connect with up to eight TCMs, allowing 128 temperature signals to flow over an Ethernet link to a MODBUS/TCP host. The HES also has an embedded web server that allows temperature readings to be read with any standard web browser. This TCS update supporting Ethernet-based communication further increases temperature monitoring versatility and reduces costs by transmitting multiple temperature measurements over Ethernet networks supporting MODBUS/TCP, and HART-IP protocols for seamless integration with various monitoring and control systems. It is also intrinsically safe approved for use in hazardous areas, further minimizing the need for dedicated and costly hazardous-approved temperature transmitters.


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