Non-contact radar technology brings precision to liquid level measurement

Mike Edwards   

Products 80 GHZ radar BinMaster level sensor liquids

This 80 GHz radar is designed specifically for measurements in challenging conditions specific to liquids. Available with a variety of options, the NCR-84 non-contact radar system from BinMaster is said to be a precise, reliable continuous level sensor for liquid inventory.

The BinMaster unit sends out short radar pulses toward the measured product via the antenna system. The product surface reflects the signal waves, which are then received back by the antenna system.

The instrument calculates the level from the running time of the radar pulses and the entered tank height. The beam angle is as narrow as 3° depending on the version selected.

Suitable for challenging conditions such as excessive steam, vapour, condensation, or surface foam. Appropriate for use in tanks with turbulent product surfaces, viscous media, and slurries.

Precision aiming makes it easy to avoid agitators, fittings, heating coils or other obstructions in the tank, the company says.

Offered in threaded, flange, and hygienic versions plus a plastic antenna option for use in low pressure or temperature ranges.

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