Non-invasive sensor eliminates need for thermowell in temperature measurement

Mike Edwards   

Products ABB non-invasive temperature sensor thermowell TSP341-N

ABB has introduced the TSP341-N non-invasive temperature sensor. The device is said to provide a simpler and safer way of measuring process temperature without the need to shut down, drill a hole, or install a thermowell.

The temperature sensor includes a transmitter based on TTH300. Integrated new algorithms enable the high precise temperature calculation, the company says.

Output via 4 to 20 mA and HART protocol. Accuracy and response time are in the range of temperature measurements with thermowell. The temperature sensor has global approvals for explosion protection up to zone 0.

The non-invasive temperature sensor belongs to ABB’s product family SensyTemp TSP. It is listed in the related type examination certificates for explosion protection as SensyTemp TSP341-N.

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