OleumTech Adds Support for Over-the-Air Configuration Updates and MQTT/Sparkplug B

Don Horne   

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OleumTech has announced the support for Over-the-Air (OTA) device configuration updates being added to its OTC Wireless Sensor and I/O Network and with this update, MQTT/Sparkplug B functionalities are now available for the DH3 Wireless Gateway as well.
OleumTech users can now modify OleumTech wireless device settings remotely (off-site) or locally (on-site) and push the updates to the device by upgrading firmware, then enabling and using the OTA features. Device parameters and calibration settings can be modified over-the-air just like physically connecting to the device using a configuration cable.
OleumTech also announced the implementation of the Cirrus Link Sparkplug B protocol in the DH3 Wireless Gateway to enable interoperable, Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions utilizing the lightweight MQTT protocol. Sparkplug B leverages MQTT to define topic namespaces, payloads, as well as session state management. A DH3 running on firmware version 2.0 or later can be configured as a local, remote, or Sparkplug B MQTT broker.
“While ease of use and improved operational efficiencies were core drivers in the development of OTA, industry safety was our number one objective to limit human exposure to hazardous conditions, such as top of tank exposures. The OTA user interface is intuitive, and the user experience is the same as physically connecting to the device. With regards to MQTT / Sparkplug B, our business is connecting assets and this combination provides a highly reliable and very scalable solution, for an out-of-the-box IoT experience,” said Vrej Isa, OleumTech COO.
The new features are available through the OleumTech BreeZ Configuration Software, Version 7.0 and a device firmware upgrade, if available.

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