Probe measures granular, course bulk solids stored in a bin, silo, or hopper

Mike Edwards   

Products BinMaster level switches PLC probe vibrating rod VR-21

The VR-41 vibrating probe from BinMaster is a top mounted, high-level detector. Vibrating rods — also known as vibrating level switches — are said to be a reliable point level sensor technology used for high and low-level indication or plugged chute detection.

Wire the BinMaster probe to an alert such as a light, horn, alarm panel, or PLC to shut a process off or on, the company says.

The VR-41 (13 in. to 13 ft) and VR-51 (19 in. to 19 ft) models both feature a sword-shaped vibrating probe said to resist buildup and false alarms.

The probes don’t require any calibration and are wear and maintenance free.

They can be used in light, fluffy powders and flakes with bulk densities as low as 1.25 lb/ft3. Optional hazardous location approvals to CSA Class II are available.

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