Product portal tool extended to include line of kit encoders

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Encoder-maker POSITAL has updated its online Product Finder tool to include the company’s extensive line of kit encoders.

Kit (or modular) encoders are designed to be integrated into electric motors or other types of rotating machinery, providing position feedback for the control system. While sharing performance characteristics with POSITAL’s stand-alone absolute encoders, kit encoders are stripped-down designs without their own shafts, bearings, or seals. Instead, the rotating element — a permanent magnet array — is attached directly to a motor’s shaft, while the measurement module is designed to fit onto the motor’s housing.

The result is said to be a rugged, cost-effective assembly that measures the rotary position of the motor’s shaft and provides precise closed-loop position control for servomotors or stepper motors. These devices have been used successfully in thousands of motor and robot installations.

POSITAL offers over 200 kit encoder variants, featuring multiple mechanical configurations and communications options. Standard products have an outer diameter of 36 mm, while compact versions —22 mm— are suitable for space-critical installations. Both sizes are available with a range of mounting and shaft coupling options. SSI and BiSS C communications interfaces are supported.

Single-turn and multiturn variants are available, the latter featuring POSITAL’s battery-less, self-powered Wiegand rotation counter system. With this system, the number of complete rotations is always accurately recorded, even when control system power is unavailable. Several models of kit encoders are designed to have the same installation footprint as popular incremental encoders from other manufacturers.

The online Product Finder tool  provides a convenient way of exploring that range of kit encoders available. With this tool, when users select the features they need, the system zeroes in on the models that will be the best fit for the intended application, the company says. The Product Finder tool also provides datasheets, manuals, and technical drawings.

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