PSG Biotech launches Quattroflow QB2-SD Single-Use Precision Micropump

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The Quattroflow pump family is expanding with the launch of its first QB Series micropump, the QB2-SD.

PSG Biotech, a provider of pump, flow-sensor and flow-measurement technologies for use in life science and biopharmaceutical process applications, and a brand of PSG, recently announced the availability of the new Quattroflow QB2-Standard (QB2-SD) Single-Use Precision Micropump. 

The Quattroflow pump family is expanding with the launch of its first QB Series micropump, the QB2-SD. This model is the smallest size in the family of single-use, lightweight and compact rotary microdosing pumps designed for precision and can be used to transfer delicate biologics. The QB2-SD has a minimum resolution of 25 μl and flow rates up to 2.7 liters per hour (91.3 fluid ounces per hour), which makes the QB2-SD pump ideal for liquid-handling operations requiring precise and delicate dosing of products that can be found in cell & gene therapy, laboratory and small-scale upstream and downstream applications.

“The manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals, medicines and therapeutics must have confidence in the safety and readiness of their life-changing products, necessitating the use of pumps that help ensure optimized media-integrity protection,” said Michael Franco, Director, global biopharma sales for PSG Biotech. “That’s why the Quattroflow QB2-SD is a breakthrough for the industry. These single-use pumps simply click in and out of the motor drive, allowing for quick and cost-effective changeovers with minimal risk of cross-contamination. When a product bag is empty, simply remove the pump and primary container and replace them with one click, eliminating the need for pump calibration and maintenance.”

The Quattroflow QB2-SD Single-Use Precision Micropump works on the positive displacement principle where fixed cavities of liquid are transferred from inlet to outlet around a rotor. This creates high vacuum levels of -0.6 bar (-9 psi) and exhibits back-pressure capabilities up to 0.2 bar (2.9 psi). Lightweight at 6.4 g (0.013 lb.), this single-use pump is highly compact at 38 mm wide (including barbs) and 30 mm high with a depth of only 17 mm, which offers a very low hold-up volume. This micropump features a bi-directional pumping motion, is compatible with gamma irradiation, and can handle viscosities up to 500 cP. Constructed with USP <88> Class VI-certified materials such as MBS, HDPE, and silicone, it meets stringent quality standards. Biopharma certifications include Particulate Testing (sub-visible testing per USP 788), Microbial Ingress, Endotoxin (USP 85), and Bioburden (ISO 11737-1).

In addition to the QB2-SD pump, PSG Biotech offers a fully integrated drive device called Q-Drive-Alpha for evaluation, production, and laboratory use. The Q-Drive-Alpha features a stainless-steel body and a 7” color touchscreen for programming desired functions such as speed, flow, dose volume, self-priming, cycling, and reverse.

For more information on how PSG Biotech equipment and systems can optimize performance in your most critical life science and biopharmaceutical applications, please visit psgdover.com/biotech.

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