Pumps proven for petrochemical processes

Mike Edwards   

Products John Brooks Company

Pulsafeeder Engineered Products PulsaPro & Pulsa series petrochemical pumps are available from John Brooks Company. The four most common chemical metering pump applications in chemical manufacturing plants for the series include dosing precise volumes of chemicals to make products, pre-treating the process water to boost quality and efficiency, dosing anti-scaling chemicals to clean and protect plant infrastructure, and post-treatment of the wastewater prior to disposal.

For high pressure injection of hydrocarbons, catalysts, peroxide, hexane or where process chemicals are flammable and atmospheres are hazardous, PulsaPro hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps are said to provide dependability and safety.

Watch PulsaPro pumps video:

Full motion stroke length control yields 0 to 100% linear flow adjustment over a 10:1 turndown range at ±0.5% accuracy from set point.

Pulsa series petrochemical pumps features and benefits include a proven hydraulic management system said to assure consistent performance and rapid recovery from system upsets, and material options for safety, durability, and chemical compatibility.

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