Refractometers help ensure accurate coolant concentration

Don Horne   

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eriez0415These HydroFlow refractometers from Eriez are simple yet rugged instruments that give users the ability to quickly determine the concentration of metalworking coolants and cleaners, heat-treating fluids, water-based hydraulic fluids and plating baths. Maintaining proper concentration control is essential to increase fluid performance and longevity. Eriez HydroFlow offers a number of different refractometer styles. Portable refractometers require no batteries. They feature a large, easy-to-read scale that is available in two ranges, 0-10° Brix and 0-32° Brix. Automatic Temperature Compensating Refractometers provide an ideal solution for situations in which the temperature of certain fluids can affect the refractive index reading of the mix.

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