Removable measuring probe resistance thermometers

Mike Edwards   

Products Kobold measuring probe MWD resistance thermometer Pt100 temperature sensor

The stainless steel MWD resistance thermometer from Kobold is available in threaded, flanged, or weld-in process connections.

The Kobold MWD measuring probe is designed for easy removal that does not interrupt the process.

The protective tube remains within the system and seals the process. The temperature assemblies comprise a connection head and a measuring element.

A Pt100 temperature sensor according to IEC 751, class A, B, 1/3 DIN or 1/10 is fitted in the measuring element.

The sensors can be designed as single or double resistance thermometers, except the 4-wire version, which can only be built with one Pt100 due to lack of space.

Features include a minimum process temperature of -198°C and maximum process temperature of 600°C.

Options available are a head transmitter, HART, Profibus, and Fieldbus connectivity.

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