Rental test equipment for agile and cost-effective process development

By Sulzer   

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MCE test loop at Sulzer’s development centre.

To streamline process development initiatives and empower the green transition in industrial manufacturing, Sulzer introduces a comprehensive range of rental test equipment to support the development of bio-based products.

Sulzer’s rental equipment makes process development agile and cost-effective by minimizing investment, start-up, and maintenance costs. The selection caters not only to traditional wood and pulp-based intermediates but also novel feedstocks such as mixed and virgin textiles, agri-waste, and biomass from various sources. Testing can be conducted at Sulzer’s full-scale development centre in Kotka or at the customer’s site, providing flexibility in testing environments. Additionally, Sulzer offers the possibility of co-development projects if specific equipment needs are not met by the existing rental selection.

With a long history in research and development in a network of leading forest industry companies, academics and research institutes, Sulzer stands as a committed partner for process development. The company ensures scalable solutions for partners’ development initiatives with unmatched application expertise and a versatile portfolio of process equipment.


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