Safety mats, edges, and bumpers protect people and machines

Mike Edwards   


AutomationDirect has added additional safety mats, edges, and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions. The safety products are designed to protect people and machinery from harm.

Mats detect the presence of personnel on horizontal surfaces (usually the floor), edges can be used on any surface, usually near possible crushing or shearing points, and bumpers are used in applications involving vehicles or other moving equipment.

Safety mats include five additional sizes of the standard black mats with straight or tapered edges, and four new mats in safety yellow. Safety edges include additional 25 x 30 mm profile edges with a sealing lip and a new 30 x 70 mm profile option.

They are available in lengths up to 5 ft. Safety bumpers increase the existing 60 x 100 mm offering to a maximum length of 6 ft; 100 x 200mm profile bumpers, in lengths from 1 to 6 ft, were also added.

The bumpers are resistant to vibration and excellent for mobile applications such as industrial vehicles. Mounting rails are included to simplify installation.

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