Sanitary compact process refractometer measures liquid concentrations

Mike Edwards   


Vaisala Polaris PR53AC sanitary compact process refractometer available from Everest Automation  measures Brix and other liquid concentrations.

The process refractometer is said to provide reliable, modern, and modular product platform that is safe to use in food and beverage manufacturing, has 3-A Sanitary and EHEDG certifications and meets all hygienic demands.

The product works in process conditions from stable to demanding, in high process temperatures, and in sticky processes. It is also compatible with clean-in-place (CIP) and sanitation-in-place (SIP) systems.

Connectivity options include mA, HART, and Modbus RTU as a standard. The measurement range for concentration/Brix is 0-100%.

The measurement is based on optical measurement of the refractive index (RI). The RI can be measured from practically any liquid or slurry, and it is sensitive to dissolved material. Particles, bubbles, or colour do not affect the measurement, the company says.

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