Save time with easy-to-install tubeskin sensor that takes just one weld

Mike Edwards   

Products Gayesco TC59T Tegracto-Pad tubeskin thermocouple WIKA Canada

WIKA Canada has introduced the latest product in the Gayesco line of tubeskin thermocouple assemblies — the patent-pending TC59-T Tefracto-Pad.

The easy-to-install tubeskin sensor cuts the welding and inspection steps in half and results in a fool-proof installation, the company says.

One of the things it has heard from customers is that welding thermocouples onto furnace tubes is difficult and time-consuming. They said it was not easy to properly align the heat shield over the weld-pad, and they would appreciate tubeskin thermocouple assemblies that were easier to install.

The TC59-T, dubbed the Tefracto-Pad, is said to save customers time and effort by making one-step installation possible. In this innovative assembly, the large weld-pad containing the thermocouple’s hot end fits precisely into the notch of our proprietary heat shield.

As a result, customers no longer spend time welding two separate components and conducting two separate LPI (liquid penetrant inspection) tests.

It takes just about an hour to weld a Tefracto-Pad to the furnace tubeskin and complete the LPI. The thermocouple assembly is ideal for applications with a temperature range from 0° to 1,260°C.

Watch video demonstration:

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