Sensors provide hot melt glue level detection

Mike Edwards   

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Rechner Automation has announced Senotec S-series sensors for hot melt glue level detection sensing.

The S-series sensors feature a metal probe, unique non-stick coating, and tapered design, the company says. Mounting can be done either vertically or horizontally.

The sensor will detect liquids, granulates, or material in mixed states at temperatures up to 250°C. The sensors are suitable for PUR glues and can also reliably detect other non-conductive media such as hot glues, adhesives, waxes, oils, and greases.

All sensors can be used for low-level time-filling, or high-level filling shutoff systems. Probe lengths from 15 to 85 mm. The 15 mm length model with a right-angle cable has an overall length of only 65 mm.

The M18 threaded body and two included nuts will securely mount the sensor.

The sensors can be paired with CLS, CLC, CSV, or DLC controllers with a variety of transistor and relay outputs.

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