TND Steel Disc Couplings with Updated Design Offer Backlash-Free Operation in Drive Applications

Don Horne   

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RINGFEDER announces an updated version of its proven TND Series of steel disc couplings, which feature backlash-free torque transmission and excellent positioning accuracy in machines that involve synchronous operation, frequent starts and stops or reversing operations.

Typical drive applications include printing and packaging machines, compressors, pumps and variable speed drives.

Using in-depth finite element analysis (FEA), RINGFEDER has optimized the redesign of its TND Series, which now includes two coupling types: High Deflection (HD), which offers excellent shaft misalignment compensation, and High Torque (HT), which incorporates a higher power density.

Thanks to their high material quality, compact design and tight tolerances, TND Series couplings achieve superior concentricity, maximum operational reliability, smooth operation and low vibration levels — even in the presence of fast rotational speeds or irregular rotational forces. They also avoid wear, don’t require cleaning or lubrication and offer a long service life when properly installed.

Other features of the updated TND Series include:

-Modular design for maximum flexibility.

-Bore diameters from 25 to 215 millimeters.

-Nominal torques up to 130,000 Newton-meters.

-Compensation for axial, angular and radial shaft misalignment.

-Mountable via keyways (DIN 6885-1) or Shrink Discs.

-Compliance with ATEX according to Product Directive 2014/34/EU and DIN EN ISO 80079-36:2016, if required.


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