Vacuum pump inlet traps protect pumps in ALD and related processes

Don Horne   

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A line of vacuum foreline traps that are ideally suited for manufacturing processes such as ALD (atomic layer deposition) that generate large volumes of solid byproducts, organic solvents, and other contaminants have been introduced by Mass-Vac, Inc. of North Billerica, Mass.
MV MultiTrap Vacuum Inlet Traps feature 304 stainless steel construction with a knock-down stage and two additional stages of user-selectable filter elements including stainless steel gauze, copper gauze, molecular sieve, and 2-, 5-, and 20 micron polypropylene, and polyester.  These traps are designed to protect vacuum pumps from oil back streaming.
Ideally suited for MOCVD, HVPE, PECVD, or LPCVD processes used in manufacturing solar cells, OLEDs, HB-LEDs, and Li-Ion batteries which generate high volumes of particulates, MV MultiTrap Vacuum Inlet Traps are capable of up to 2,500 cubic inches of solids accumulation.  They come in a 16” dia. model that uses two stages of eight filters and a 12” with two of six.

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