Valve suitable for deballasting seawater from welldecks

Mike Edwards   


Warren Controls has announced the 1852N Seawater Deballasting Valve, suitable for deballasting seawater from welldecks. The 8-inch size 1852N model is used by the US Navy on its LHA, LHD, and LPD class amphibious assault ships, which have welldecks that require seawater to be rapidly raised and lowered.

Seawater is notably corrosive, and the special materials of construction allow these valves to survive decades of use, the company says.

Part of the company’s 1800 line of heavy-duty globe valves, the 1852N valve can be supplied in conformance with MIL-V-18030 service applications, including high pressure differentials, corrosive materials, liquids, gases, steam, and seawater.

The valves can be used for modulating or on/off control in 2-way or 3-way mixing and diverting designs. units are available in bronze, steel, and iron with a wide selection of trims, electric and pneumatic actuators, and accessory instrumentation.

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