Vibrating rod for hazardous locations

Mike Edwards   

Products BinMaster dry materials overfilling vibrating rod VR-90

The BinMaster VR-90 vibrating rod for hazardous locations is typically used to prevent overfilling and for dry run protection.

Due to its rugged construction and robust vibration measuring system, the company says, the vibrating rod is virtually unaffected by the chemical and physical properties of the bulk solid being measured.

The unit is said to also work when subjected to strong external vibrations or when the stored material is changed. It is available in a stainless steel housing for use in food and pharmaceutical products.

The rod is also said to be easy to set up in an empty vessel without any material present and requires no calibration. It has a product-independent switching point, ensuring it operates reliably, regardless of material properties or when used in a new or different material.

Once installed, it requires minimal maintenance, saving time and reducing costs.

The smooth surface of the vibrating rod resists buildup of material and is easy to clean.

The VR-90 can be used in unclassified areas and non-Ex environments for general purpose FM/CSA/CE use or can be manufactured for use in hazardous locations with a wide range of approvals.

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