DCS Video: Do your operators immediately take the right action?

By Siemens Process Control Systems   

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With the advancement of technology, processes, and change of plant personnel, chemical plants are becoming increasingly complex, as are the tasks of their staff.

For this reason, it is important to provide operators with intuitive tools that allow them to quickly find the information they need in the HMI (Human-Machine Interface), diagnose equipment failures and anomalies, and repair them promptly with just a few clicks.

Just think about how important the “interlock” function is and how complex its implementation can be in certain processes. The same applies to alarm control: it is not always intuitive and quick to identify what action is needed in the plant.

We have been working extensively to develop a new distributed control system (DCS) that facilitates the operator’s work.

The result is Simatic PCS neo, the first web based DCS that empowers the operator to make faster decisions to ensure the safety and productivity of a plant.

Watch this video to discover in detail all the potential of SIMATIC PCS neo. 

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