Brennan Industries opens lab that supports particulate contamination testing

Mike Edwards   

News Brennan Industries cleanroom contamination ISO 14644 lab particulates testing

The lab at Brennan Industries is equipped with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom.

Brennan Industries has announced the construction of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14644 Cleanroom Standard Class 8 has been completed to support a Technical Cleanliness Lab for particulate contamination testing.

The lab is equipped with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom, where the company’s team works with equipment to process technical cleanliness guidelines according to VDA 19 and ISO16232.

The lab’s technical particle testing capabilities are said to allow Brennan to test all its product jump sizes, validate cleanliness processes within its manufacturing sites and allow customers to know the products they receive are designed, machined, and tested to the highest industry standards.

Brennan Industries is a manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation fittings, adapters, and accessories.

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