igus develops new online shop for flexible plastic cable carriers

Mike Edwards   

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igus has developed a new online shop for flexible plastic cable carriers — energy chains — where users can filter products by category, application, and specifications. The shop also includes pricing, and allows designers, engineers, and materials specialists to have the parts listed in one user-friendly website, the company says.

The Germany-based motion plastics specialist runs its North American operations out of Providence R.I.

The igus shop site allows users to enter the dimensions and filter e-chains by inner height, inner width, and bend radius. Users can also filter searches by unsupported length, fill weight, speed, and acceleration. With a few strokes, product designers can choose and purchase the energy chain that best suits their application requirements.

Energy chains from igus can be used in small and large applications. Its larger energy chains, such as E4, E6, P4, twisterchains and guide troughs, are used in the oil and gas industry, bulk material handling and mining industries. They are also frequently found on port and terminal cranes as well as indoor and electric overhead traveling cranes.

The company’s E2, E-Z and triflex chains are frequently used in office management, automotive industry, and in low-cost automation tasks such as multi-axis robots, gantries, and delta robots.

More information is also available by ordering the e-chain catalog. Watch video to learn more:


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