AMADA WELD TECH introduces WR Series of Resistance Welding Workstations


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Compact system combines a power supply, weld head, process monitor, and workbench

AMADA WELD TECH, Inc., a leading manufacturer of welding, marking, cutting, sealing, and bonding technology, announces the WR Series of Resistance Welding Workstations. The new WR Series Workstations combine a power supply, transformer, weld head, process monitor, and workbench into a compact workstation that simplifies operator welding tasks while maximizing quality and reliability. They are ideal for applications such as making copper electrical connections, hot crimping, welding and sealing RF and hybrid devices, and automotive component assembly.

The WR series uses closed-loop DC inverter technology with up to 60,000 Amps provided on the secondary for repeatable results. A unique cascade feature enables the use of one power supply with several workstations. They can be integrated with either AMADA WELD TECH MH-1501 or KN-200A weld heads, providing fast follow-up and allowing for complete metal fusion without weld splatter.

The weld monitor captures weld data and makes instantaneous comparisons to a known good reference, providing an alert when conditions fall outside of defined weld limits. The data can be additionally used for advanced analysis in statistical process control (SPC) programs or overall equipment efficiency (OEE) programs to provide information on production efficiency. The data is stored in a database for tracking and tracing purposes.

Safety features include anti-tie-down buttons to safely initiate the weld cycle and shielding to protect the operator during production. The adjustable electrode approach to controlling pressure and speed helps to facilitate safe handling and avoids damage to fragile parts.

For more information, go to https://amadaweldtech.com/product/wr-series-resistance-welding-workstations/.

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