“Blood Pump” is the standard for the meat industry

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For more than half a century, one of Sandpiper’s key specialties has been the “Blood Pump” – an air operated double diaphragm pump designed specifically for the unique challenges of the meat and poultry processing industries.

With a special flap-valve design

Meat and poultry production both require tough pumping products that can handle blood, organs, fat, and waste from animals. This Sandpiper pump does the job with a special flap-valve design, which can pump entrained solids that clog standard ball valve pumps. the flaps allow solids as large as the pipes to pass through, including feathers, pig har, organs, or casing-room waste, and the thick, robust chambers withstand abrasive blood flow.

The Blood Pump has features that enable handling of many steps in these production processes. The unique top=suction/bottom-discharge porting prevents solids from collecting inside the pump. Its optimized performance and efficiency make it perfect for water and wastewater management too, as pumps in these sectors run constantly. This series has one-, two-, and three-inch pumps with the highest flow capacity in the market, as well as the lowest air consumption in its class. Performance does not decline over time, and minimal flow velocity changes for better handling of thick, viscous liquids.

Another advantage is easy servicing with the exclusive Sandpiper ESADS air-distribution system. This enables access to both the pilot and main air valves without removing the pump from operation, unlike other AODD pumps that require complete tear -down to reach their pilot valves.

Among the meat-processing stages that work more effectively with Sandpiper: bleeding, CIP and sanitizing spray and foaming solutions (rinsing, scalding, hair and feather removal, and evisceration), and the final packaging.


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