Instrument replaces controller or thermostat in refrigeration applications

Mike Edwards   

Products controller Ecotherm Full Gauge Controls thermstat Valex VX-1050E plus

A compact and integrated instrument from Ecotherm has been introduced said to offer a complete and fully configurable solution to control various models of bipolar electronic expansion valves, in addition to superheating, room temperature, defrost, pressure, ventilation, lighting, and alarms control.

The Full Gauge Controls Valex VX-1050E plus replaces the controller or thermostat in the installation, as it controls the refrigeration processes, in addition to the liquid flow, the company says.

The UL certified instrument features:

  • new Plugable and Push-In quick-pairing-connector systems;
  • Smooth Defrost function for smoother and more power-saving defrosts;
  • configurable power-saving setpoint and fast-freezing functions; and
  • internal real-time clock that allows programming defrost events and power-saving setpoint.

It can also be configured in “driver” mode, where VX-1050E plus is exclusively responsible for controlling the bipolar electronic expansion valve and the superheating of the refrigeration system.

Thus, it can be used as part of a control system and interconnected with other controllers, the company says.

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