Modular reference pressure calibrator

Mike Edwards   

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The Huber Instrumente TM40 modular pressure calibrator from Cameron Instruments includes four slots which are independently configurable, including three different module types to choose from; MM40 for measuring pressure, GM40 for generating pressure and the forthcoming VM40 for Voltage/Current.

The MM40 pressure measurement module uses one slot per module in the TM40 making it possible to cover four different measurement ranges.

Measurement ranges available as low as -250 Pa up to and including 250 Bar with accuracies available up to 0.05% F.S.

The GM40 generator module has the same characteristics as the MM40 but is able to generate and regulate pressure automatically.

The GM40 takes up two slots in the TM40 and has a control accuracy of 0.1 Pa.

The TM40 is capable of recording up to 20 pps and the data can be viewed in real time graphically on the 4.3 in. touchscreen.

All modules come fully temperature compensate with long term stability and include a manufacturers calibration certificate.

Video courtesy Huber Instrumente YouTube Channel.

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