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Mike Edwards   

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Festo has added the ELGC/EGSC drive series to its portfolio of electric handling systems. The series includes ELGC spindle axes and toothed belt axes, EGSC mini-slides as well as axial and parallel kits of ideally paired servo and stepper motors.


The drives and mini-slides are suitable for a wide range of applications such as pick and place sampling in medical laboratories or sub-processes like handling, gluing and dispensing, even under cleanroom conditions.

With their common platform architecture, the drives can be utilized as single axis systems or joined to form multi-axis systems like cantilevers, pick-and-place solutions, or linear 2D gantries or 3D gantries, all without the need for external adaptors or special assembly tools or know-how.

The drive and guide elements of the drives are said to deliver excellent load carrying ability and repetition accuracy (up to ±0.003 for spindle axes, ±0.015 mm for mini-slides and ±0.08mm for tooth belt axes) and ensure long service life.

Play video above for a demonstration.

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