Terminal controls motion in digital pneumatic applications

Mike Edwards   

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The VTEM Motion Terminal from Festo employs digital pneumatics said to be capable of delivering sweeping upgrades to common automation processes like pick and place, dosing and parts handling.

Digital pneumatics has been developed to be more precise and considerably more flexible than standard pneumatics. On a life cycle basis, it can perform many applications more efficiently and cost-effectively, the company says.

VTEM software apps enable extremely fast changeovers for different sizes or shapes of workpieces, products or packaging. Adjustments that take hours with conventional pneumatics, the company adds, can be completed in minutes, and all processes can be managed, or reconfigured, remotely.

The function integration achieved by software apps and the piezo valve technology in the terminal dispenses with the need for up to 50 downstream components such as sensors, regulators, flow control valves and shock absorbers.

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