New energy harvesting control valves are AHR Innovation finalist

By Bonomi   

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Bonomi’s new LOCPOWER control valve is a finalist in the 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Awards. Bonomi will be exhibiting the new valve at Booth #N2560 at AHR 2024 at McCormick Center in Chicago, Ill. from Jan. 22 to 24.

LOCPOWER is a patented energy harvesting control valve for water from the Bonomi Group. LOCPOWER converts energy dissipation from processes such as flow, pressure, temperature, and level control into mechanical power and then into clean electricity.

Unlike traditional control valves where the pressure drop is achieved through a single- or multi-stage trim, LOCPOWER regulates the flow by splitting the pressure drop through a single- or multi-stage trim-turbine, designed to fit perfectly into the valve’s body and to maximize energy recovery.

LOCPOWER’s design allows smart utilities and industries to control pipeline flow and pressure, offering energy harvesting features without sacrificing safety. With LOCPOWER, flow regulation and control and power generation, are parts of an integrated system.  Using advanced active front-end inverters, LOCPOWER generators can exchange energy with the domestic grid, local supply, or energy storage systems.  This gives users electricity to power operations, provide back-up power for emergencies or to sell to electric utilities.

LOCPOWER turns pipelines into valuable, renewable energy resources. LOCPOWER’s state of the art synchronous electric generators, ranging from 5kW to 300kW, will harvest even the smallest portion of energy from pipeline flow. LOCPOWER is available in sizes from 3 inches through 24 inches.

Visit Bonomi at Booth #N2560 at AHR 2024.

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