New multi-sensor device from Endress+Hauser simplifies brewery processes

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Endress+Hauser’s QWX43 multi-sensor fermentation monitor for brewers has two characteristic sensor paddles as well as a temperature probe and is mounted directly on the fermentation tank and immersed in the beer.

Endress+Hauser’s new QWX43 fermentation monitor enables a seamless and simple monitoring of fermentation processes without manual sampling or laboratory analyses. Measuring values are taken continuously so that users receive real-time insights into the fermentation process, from anywhere and anytime. 

Brewers must keep an eye on numerous parameters during the fermentation process. To determine the residual extract for instance, reference measurements are taken at every fermentation tank at least once a day using samples that are analyzed in the lab. These measurements can take up to 20 minutes per tank, including sample preparation. Furthermore, they yield only intermittent results. Fermentation Monitor QWX43 fills these information gaps by measuring the fermentation parameters in real-time.

The data is directly transferred to the PLC to be used in process control. Brewers also can utilize Netilion Value App from Endress+Hauser to retrieve the insights in the fermentation process with one click on their mobile device.

Fermentation Monitor QWX43 can be easily connected to existing process fittings and requires no recipe-based adjustments for the measurement of most beers. Calibration of the sensor at the measuring point also is not required. The instrument connects quickly to wireless access points or Wi-Fi networks via an integrated web server and is immediately ready to utilize. Fermentation Monitor furthermore reduces the documentation and filing efforts and replaces manual batch tracking. It recognizes when a new batch starts and can automatically save the information in the system.

Netilion Value App also offers the ability to save the batch information in a history file. The possibility to define a reference batch enables more complex analyses, such as carrying out comparisons to previous fermentation processes or models, thus allowing brewers to further optimize their processes on a data-driven basis. Cleaning also is easy thanks to the fully hygienic sensor design. Fermentation Monitor QWX43 can remain in the tank and does not need to be removed for cleaning.


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