Smart turbidity sensor measures drinking and process water

Mike Edwards   

Products Endress+Hauser sensor

The Endress+Hauser Turbimax CUS52D smart turbidity sensor and CUA252 flow cell provide continuous, unattended monitoring of drinking and process water quality with laboratory accuracy or better.

Smart calibration tools and optional self-cleaning tools from Endress+Hauser are said to make this sensor a safe, convenient and highly reliable component of a water treatment package. An optical sensor also offers quick reaction time for greater process control, the company says.

The sensor is independent of the installation environment and can provide consistent monitoring at all points in water production, ranging from the inlet to the outlet. The unit’s special surface minimizes the build-up of biofilms and particulates and its ability to operate at high pressures (up to 10 bar) suppresses air bubble formation.

The optional air bubble trap eliminates even the smallest air bubbles, the company adds. In particularly persistent cases, the externally mounted ultrasonic cleaning system (CYR52) removes surface contamination without directly contacting the sensor, thus service intervals can be extended.

In conjunction with the CUY52, a smart solid-state reference tool, the CUS52D sensor can be verified or calibrated (specially matched with the sensor) without putting employees or the process at risk.

Neither employees nor processes will come into contact with harmful liquids like Formazin. These solid-state reference tools are simple to use and ensure the reliability of the turbidity measurement.

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