Plug-and-play EM flowmeter for conductive liquids

Mike Edwards   

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Picomag is an electromagnetic flowmeter from Endress+Hauser for bidirectional measurement of conductive liquids. It is used for flow measurements in water or service water applications. Due to its easy installation and operation, its robust design and low price it can be used in applications where only limited principles could be used before.

Following Faraday’s law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. In the electromagnetic measuring principle, the flowing fluid is the moving conductor.

By measuring the induced voltage, the flow velocity of the medium can be measured.

The flow volume is calculated by means of the pipe cross-section area.

The Endress+Hauser units provide flexible integration into all fieldbus systems via IO-Link, with commissioning and operation via Bluetooth and SmartBlue app.

Specifications include:

  • flow measurement up to 10 m/s (26.4 gal/min);
  • minimum conductivity of ≥20 µs/cm;
  • fluid temperature from 0° to 70°C;
  • materials in contact with medium are stainless steel (1.4404), PEEK, FKM; and,
  • process pressure rated at max. 16 bar.

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