Gateway provides remote I/O solution for networks protocols

Mike Edwards   

Products excom field instrumentation GEN-N Ethernet HART multiprotocol gateway remote I/O Turck Canada

The GEN-N Ethernet multiprotocol gateway from Turck Canada makes its excom remote I/O system compatible with Industrial Ethernet networks.

The gateway makes it possible to integrate the company’s system in higher-level Ethernet networks with the Profinet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.

The connection is implemented via RJ45 connectors with at least CAT5e cable quality. The integrated switch enables a ring topology to be implemented in accordance with DLR or MRP, which considerably increases the availability of the overall system.

The gateway supports 10/100 MBit/s, half/full duplex transmission, auto negotiation and auto crossing. A GSDML and EDS file containing all the necessary configuration files and parameter sets are provided for configuring the relevant system.

Besides the standard diagnostic scope of Ethernet protocols, the gateway offers manufacturer-specific error codes that provide information on both the status of the system as well as that of the connected HART field instrumentation.

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