Analysis: Canadian mining’s essential role in technology development

By The Mining Association of Canada   

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Canada’s mining industry has a particularly important role to play in ensuring the minerals, metals and energy products needed both domestically and internationally are readily available and responsibly produced using the highest standards.

As demand for minerals and metals continues to grow, and with Canada a demonstrable leader in sustainable mining practices, there is tremendous potential for the country to position itself as one of the top responsible suppliers of the mineral and metal products, particularly critical minerals, required globally.

The Mining Association of Canada has released a report that analyzes mining in the country from four perspectives:

  • The Role of Minerals, Metals and Energy Products in the Products We Depend On
  • Unprecedented Support for Canadian Mining
  • Canadian Mining’s Leadership in Sustainable Development
  • How Canada Can Lead in Supplying Global Mining Demand

To view or download the Canadian Mining Story report, click here.

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