Avoiding contamination in sterile pharmaceutical/biotech facilities

Mike Edwards   

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A newly upgraded patent-pending design visual flow indicator design minimizes contamination by eliminating threads. This clamp type-sterile visual flow Indicator avoids assembly that leads to contamination in sterile pharmaceutical/biotech facilities.

The patent pending design of the LJ Star CT-SVFI prevents O-ring compression issues that lead to contamination associated with conventional screwed or threaded designs.

Rather than rely on threads and screws, the CT-SVFI uses sanitary clamps to secure the sight glass assembly. The clamp’s mechanical stop design applies precisely controlled compression to O-rings to eliminate the gasket warping and any O-ring intrusion that can trap bacteria and contaminants. This greatly mitigates the risk of contamination build-up, reducing cleaning issues and frequency.

For more information, please click here. To view a 3D PDF of the visual flow indicator assembly, click here.

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