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Goal is to accelerate global sustainability across multiple industries

ABB is working with customers in mines, mills and plants to provide technology solutions that reduce emissions and energy use. Image: ABB.

ABB has launched a new global sustainability initiative designed to showcase the power of technology and expertise to accelerate sustainability while enhancing productivity.

The company’s campaign, Real Progress, is “a rallying call to customers, partners and suppliers, inspiring them to harness technology leadership and the solutions that exist today to amplify their own impact across process industries such as mining, metals, and pulp and paper,” ABB stated.

ABB has worked with a wide variety of industries over the past 130 years, including many which have been challenging in terms of finding emissions reductions solutions. The company stated that it is currently combatting important changes taking place in the world, including rising emissions, water and energy scarcity, and workforce skills challenges.

The company stated that “the decarbonization challenge unites the mining, pulp, paper and metals industries with leadership teams striving to meet increasing market demand with a more rapid increase in energy and resource efficiency to reach their committed sustainability targets such as more carbon-neutral operations. Across these vital process industries, there is a growing recognition that automation, electrification and digitalization are essential components of their journey towards meeting climate targets set out by businesses, legislation, governments and international agreements over the next 25 years and beyond.”

“The journey toward sustainability isn’t a gradual progression; it’s a bold transformation. The actions and decisions we take today, together with every innovation we embrace, are powerful steps towards a sustainable future, and we’re unapologetically leading the charge,” stated Joachim Braun, division president, ABB Process Industries. “Every day, ABB is working side by side with customers in their mines, their mills and their plants, to provide complete technology solutions with automation, electrification and digitalization to radically reduce emissions and energy use. Together with our great network of partners, we are proud of driving real progress in sustainability, but we know that more can and must be done. We’re part of the journey and commit to making real progress always.”

For the mining industry, ABB stated that the Real Progress campaign is focused on “helping customers through their energy transition, with electrification combined with world-class technologies for hoisting and grinding.” One example of the solutions ABB is offering its customers is the ABB eMine solution, designed to assist companies with converting fossil fuel reliant mines to all-electric.

“By automating all electrification solutions, customers can now monitor, control, and then reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in real time,” the company stated.

ABB is also focused on supporting its customers’ successful transformation within the pulp and paper industry, by helping them reduce waste and accelerate towards circularity.

“Solutions include the ABB Quality Control System (QCS), deployed to provide paper makers with visibility into the sheet as it is formed to reduce waste and improve runnability. Automation combined with advanced process control (APC) can support consistent operations, improved production, energy savings and reduced costs. Meanwhile, modern drives and motors ensure reliable operations, energy efficiency and process performance,” the company stated.

ABB is also offering solutions to its customers within the metals industries to help them reduce energy use and raw materials when producing steel and aluminum through its advanced automation and electrification systems, combined with industry-specific equipment and digitalization, across plants, the company stated.

“While the digital solution ABB Ability Smart Melt Shop helps bring autonomous plants to life by connecting and automating crane and ladle movement to reduce thermal losses, ABB ArcSave electromagnetic stirrer (EMS) makes electric arc furnace (EAF) operations more productive and resource efficient. For the entire metals enterprise, ABB Ability Energy Management System monitors and optimizes energy consumption, supporting manufacturers to meet their sustainability goals,” the company stated.

“Sustainability isn’t an option; it’s an imperative for every business leader in our rapidly evolving world. To thrive and create a better future, we must embrace sustainability at the core of our operations,” stated Rohit Sharma, global HSE and sustainability manager, ABB Process Industries. “It’s not only about being responsible but also about staying competitive and resilient in an ever-changing global landscape. Our commitment to sustainability today will define our success and impact generations to come.”

Source: ABB.

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