Canadian Registration Numbers key topic at CPCA 2024 annual conference

By Andrew Snook   

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CPCA board member Paul Bastel presents a CRN harmonization update to attendees at the 2024 CPCA Annual Conference in Gatineau. Photo: Andrew Snook.

Tackling challenges related to Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) was identified as a top priority at the 2024 Canadian Process Control Association’s annual conference, which took place from May 23 to 25 in Gatineau.

Paul Bastel, CPCA Board Member and strategic project manager for Phoenix Contact, presented a CRN harmonization update to attendees.

The Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is an alpha-numerical identifier which serves as proof that a pressure equipment design has been registered for use by a provincial or territorial regulator. Several years ago, the CPCA joined a consortium to address concerns that the cost, administrative burden, and time associated with the CRN process impede investment, innovation, and product choice. This was accomplished through the Canadian Free Trade Agreement’s table on Regulatory Reconciliation and Cooperation. The CRN for Pressure Equipment Reconciliation Agreement came into effect on January 2, 2020, allowing for the mutual recognition of the review of pressure vessel equipment.

“The consensus of the members attending the conference showed that more work needs to be done on the CRN issue to harmonize between provinces,” Bastel said. “The CPCA will be forming a task force to address this issue in the near future, and will be seeking volunteers for the task force.”

Anyone interested in joining the CPCA’s CRN Harmonization Task Force, can email: cpca@cpca-assoc.com.

Additions to CPCA Board

Stefano Zambon, Wajax

Adam Dello, Thermo-Kinetics

The CPCA also announced two new board members during the conference.

Adam Dello of Thermo-Kinetics (central region sales manager) and Stefano Zambon of Wajax (category management) will be joining the CPCA Board.

The 2024 annual conference also featured a keynote presentation by acclaimed political journalist Paul Wells and industry-related sessions such as: Adapting to Industry 4.0; Trends in Energy and the Transition; Off-Duty Conduct; and CleanTech & Green Manufacturing Pulse.

For more information on the CPCA, visit: www.cpca-assoc.com.

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