Fusion, BWXT announce Actinium-225 partnership for supply for cancer cell therapies

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Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Hamilton, ON, and Ottawa-based BWXT Medical Ltd., a subsidiary of BWX Technologies, Inc., have announced that the companies have entered into a preferred partner agreement for the supply of actinium-225. Under the agreement, BWXT Medical will provide predetermined amounts of Fusion’s actinium supply needs at volume-based pricing.

Actinium-225 is an alpha-emitting isotope used in targeted alpha therapies (TATs) that combine the isotope with specific tumour-seeking targeting vectors to kill cancer cells while minimizing the impact to healthy tissues. There is growing demand for the isotope but a limited number of suppliers who are currently able to produce meaningful quantities of high purity actinium.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals CEO John Valliant, Ph.D., said, “Fusion’s portfolio of clinical stage targeted alpha therapies is expanding, with three proprietary programs in clinical trials and additional programs advancing under our collaboration with AstraZeneca.

“Based on emerging clinical data in the literature which show the power of alpha particles over conventional beta emitters, we continue to proactively prioritize access to actinium as a critical component of Fusion’s development plans and we are excited to partner with BWXT Medical.”

BWXT Medical president and CEO Jonathan Cirtain, Ph. D., said, “Excitement for the potential of targeted alpha therapies to treat cancer is growing, and we have made the necessary investments in infrastructure and intellectual property to help meet the increasing global demand for actinium. BWXT Medical is now producing high-purity non-carrier added actinium-225.

“Fusion is a leading developer of targeted alpha therapies, and we are pleased to work with them as their clinical programs continue to advance.”

Above: Samples of actinium-225 in a glovebox at the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Image credit: Jason Richards, ORNL

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