Advanced process controllers suit variety of applications

Mike Edwards   

Products AutomationDirect controllers Yokogawa

Made exclusively for AutomationDirect by Yokogawa, ProSense PPC5 series advanced process controllers handle temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other process variable control applications and offer a variety of control, input, output, alarm and communications options.

The AutomationDirect 1/4 DIN controllers accept inputs directly from thermocouple, RTD, and analog mA, mV, V signals. Remote setpoint and contact input options are available.

Control outputs include relay, voltage pulse, or linear current. An analog output to represent the PV, SP, target SP, remote SP, or output signal is available. Three alarm contact outputs can be configured for 30 alarm types and 10 alarm functions.

Control modes include single loop, loop control with PV hold, and cascade. Control types available are PID, On/Off, batch PID and manual control. PPC5 series controllers are available with no communications or with RS-485 Modbus ASCII/RTU, or Ethernet+RS-485 gateway Modbus TCP/IP communication options.

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