Analyzer delivers high-performance characterization of new adsorbents

Mike Edwards   

Products adsorbent performance Breakthrough Analyzer BTA gas delivery Micromertics Instrument

Micromeritics Instrument Corp. has introduced the Breakthrough Analyzer (BTA), a system for the precise characterization of adsorbent performance under process-relevant conditions.

The Micromeritics Instrument analyzer  incorporates patented high performance blending valves, precision mass flow controllers and optional vapour sources, the company says.

The resulting gas delivery system is said to have minimal dead volume and ensures the precise control of both composition and flow rate.

Adsorbent is held in a column that uses 0.05 to 2.5 g of sample per measurement. It adds that a thermostated environmental chamber provides temperature control of all components, up to 200°C, with no cold spots.

Automated sample activation and adsorption studies can be performed at temperatures up to 1,000°C with the precise resistance furnace.

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