CSA-approved air cleaner includes pre-filter and filter

Mike Edwards   

Products air cleaner AirCube 2000 Dustcontrol Canada HEPA

The AirCube 2000 from Dustcontrol Canada is an air cleaner driven by a fan having a capacity of 1800 m³/h. The air cleaner is equipped with a variable knob to allow different levels of operation.

This attenuator could be utilized when less demand is needed of the air cleaner or when quieter operation is required.

The air cleaner unit has a 0.7m² pre-filter and a certified HEPA H13 microfilter with 10m² of filter area, capturing nearly all dust particles 0.3 microns and larger. Certified HEPA filters are individually tested for their effectiveness.

A filter indication lamp list when it’s time to change the filter. An inlet hose could be used to make a space negative with the air cleaner placed outside of the space.

As in previous designs the air exhaust is directed upwards to prevent dust to whirl up from the floor. The unit can be positioned horizontally flat on the floor, with the exhaust pointing to the side if desired.

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