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Don Horne   

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With the new emSys Thread Inspect, any screw thread can now be inspected for presence, correctness, errors and contaminations. Additionally, the screw thread inspection with EyeVision for external threads can also inspect the size accuracy of metric threads and threads measured in inches. Also, the screw thread run, such as the direction of rotation and regularity can be checked.
With EyeVision the inspection of screw threads can be carried out with only one command. The graphical drag-and-drop-user-interface makes the handling easier, so that an inspection program can be created even without programming skills.
The new system makes it possible to integrate the thread inspection into any inspection plant and any robot. Also, any already existing inspection system can be extended for the screw inspection as the programming is very easy.
With the existing interfaces the computing hardware emSys can be integrated into a PLC via Profinet or Modbus. In addition, the integration into a SCADA system via OPC UA is also possible. With the additional interfaces the camera as well as the LED-illumination can be controlled.
The configuration for the different types of screw threads is carried out with only a few mouse clicks. Therefore, the system is ready for use immediately after setting up the camera. According to type of screw and required accuracy, different versions of the Thread Inspect system are available.

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