Fully automatic kegging line offers greater line efficiency

Mike Edwards   

Products Innokeg AF-C keg material handling KHS Group Transversal line

The Innokeg AF-C Transversal line from the KHS Group provides a setup that washes and racks up to 500 kegs an hour.

Its single central conveying segment means the transversal line system is particularly compact and perfectly accessible, the company says, while if required, it can adjust to different formats fully automatically.

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The conventional transversal conveyor setup used to date, it adds, has separate belts for infeed and discharge upstream and downstream of the actual machine.

The KHS design is different in that it transports the kegs through the middle of the paired opposite processing stations on a single conveyor belt.

Faulty kegs are discharged where necessary. Another feature of the line is that it can process practically all standard market container sizes and formats.


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