Hydraulic hand pump generates up to 10 kpsi

Mike Edwards   

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The XTHP hydraulic hand pump from Ralston Instruments is a pump that generates up to 10,000 psi (70MPa). It’s the highest pressure hand pump the company has ever developed and is said to include several design improvements that give it a solid advantage over similar pumps.

The liquid reservoir is made from molded polysulfone, which makes it resistant to high temperature fluctuations, shock and hazardous chemicals and less likely to crack over the life span of the pump.

The body of the XTHP hydraulic hand pump is made from machined stainless steel to eliminate porosity issues. It also makes it more stable at pressure and more durable than standard aluminum pumps, the company says.

The unit was designed with a pressurized section much lighter than comparable pumps and positioned below the reservoir giving it a low centre of gravity.

The pump is designed with all Viton seals but is available for purchase with EPDM seals, making it Skydrol compatible. The cast aluminum handles are said to offer better grip and are more durable than plastic.

Included with the pump is a high volume primer to quickly remove air from the valve and fill a test hose with only a few strokes of the priming piston.

This can be done this quickly and easily with no stroke limiting knob, the company says, while fine control and connection is easily achieved with the fine adjust knob and universal output ports.

The pump is available in Canada through Cameron Instruments.



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