Ingersoll Rand announces Helix Connected Platform for industrial compressed air systems

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Platform provides valuable, real-time insights on compressed air systems to ensure peak performance, reduced risk of downtime and extend equipment life

Ingersoll Rand, a global provider of mission-critical flow creation and industrial solutions, has announced the launch of its Helix Connected Platform, a platform that provides valuable insights on compressed air systems to ensure reliability and extend equipment life.

Developed for industrial applications to maximize uptime and peace of mind, the Helix Connected Platform provides continuous, real-time data monitoring for compressed air systems to enable maximum operational uptime. Advanced sensor technology inside the compressor sends data on a regular basis to a cloud-based platform that is accessible from a user’s PC, tablet or smartphone to provide data on the compressor’s functionality. Ingersoll Rand compressors are now shipping with Helix connectivity hardware as a standard feature.

Users can access real-time insights and diagnostic reporting 24/7 to determine the efficiency, functionality and health of their air compressors. These insights and reports can help prevent lost productivity from unforeseen breakdowns and simplify maintenance scheduling via proactive service reminders and automated communications that help to preserve compressor system health, extending the life of the equipment. Helix connectivity also ensures that users receive high quality compressed air delivered to meet their individual needs and optimal requirements .

Proactive service alerts are delivered instantly via email, text message or an online customer portal, which provides insights for preventive maintenance, efficient repair work, and offers a detailed analysis of equipment performance over time. Customers can now sign up for these Helix features on the new Ingersoll Rand customer portal.

“Our Helix Connected Platform is designed to provide peace of mind for industrial maintenance managers,” said Preston Swift, digital solutions and controls leader, Ingersoll Rand. “Knowledge is power, and having Helix real-time data available anytime, from anywhere, provides powerful insights that help our customers to keep their compressed air systems operating at peak performance, as well as reducing risks of downtime.”

The Helix Connected Platform is integrated into a compressor system as a factory install on select models or by a simple upgrade to existing equipment and as a feature of a CARE service plan. Ingersoll Rand offers a variety of service plans that include the Helix Connected Platform to allow users to select the level of insights to meet their specific operational needs. 

“With the launch of the Helix Connected Platform, a new Ingersoll Rand CARE remote monitoring service team has been put in place to constantly remotely monitor the performance of Helix enabled compressors under CARE service agreements. Since implementing, CARE customers are experiencing an average of 25 percent increase in compressor uptime availability. Helix connectivity enables Ingersoll Rand to provide a better service experience for our customers, all while delivering value through the platform and customer portal,” added Swift. 

For more information on the Ingersoll Rand Helix Connected Platform, visit: https://www.ingersollrand.com/en-us/air-compressor/air-compressor-service/remote-monitoring.

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