LS Electric XGB PLC remote I/O modules 

By AutomationDirect   

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AutomationDirect has added several new additions to the powerful LS Electric XGB PLC series. For discrete (ON/OFF) monitoring and control, a new lower-cost 24 VDC 8-point input module, 8-point 12-24 VDC sinking and sourcing output modules, an 8-point relay module with Form A contacts, and a 16-point combination discrete input/relay output module are now available. For process monitoring and control, in particular temperature and weighing applications, two new 4-channel 16-bit resolution temperature modules (RTD and thermocouple), and a new load cell module capable of supporting up to 4 load cells each, have been added.
For communication needs beyond what the LS XGB PLC CPU provides, a new Modbus TCP module with 10/100Base-T (RJ45) port, a Modbus RTU/ASCII module with RS-232 port, and a Modbus RTU/ASCII module with RS-422/RS-485 (5-pin) port are now offered.
The new XEL-BSSRT bus coupler allows I/O modules to be installed in remote locations and transmits all I/O signals back to the local controller using a single Ethernet cable, saving I/O wiring time and costs. The XGB bus coupler supports up to 8 LS I/O modules including high-density 32-point discrete, analog, and high-speed I/O modules, and it communicates easily with any controller supporting EtherNet/IP or Modus TCP protocols. The bus coupler and I/O modules can also be used as a low-cost field I/O system for numerous PLC brands.
All new modules come with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

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