New UPS features IQ Technology

Don Horne   

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Phoenix Contact introduces the QUINT4 DC UPS with IQ Technology, an intelligent UPS that promises superior system availability. The IQ Technology is intuitive and provides you with information as soon as required. Thanks to the integrated interfaces, you can see the operating state of your system from anywhere, at any time.

Some of the features include:

Communication-enabled QUINT4 DC UPS for Industrial Ethernet


• EtherNet/IP

• EtherCAT


Intelligent QUINT4 DC UPS, thanks to IQ Technology

• You know the charging state and remaining lifetime of your energy storage;

• You are warned about failures at an early stage and have time to prevent them;

• You can maximize the service life of the energy storage; and

• You can transfer all relevant information to your computer and higher level controllers.


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