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Pfannenberg, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of thermal management technologies, announces the release of a new video explaining the special features of the company’s PF Series Filterfans 4.0.
The video, available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGdy9X78zLs&feature=youtu.be, highlights the following unique features:

  • The Filterfan 4.0’s patented “click and fit” technology which requires no tools and makes installation quick and easy.
  • The unit’s patented hinges which also make changing filters fast and simple with no need for tools.
  • The filter mat is fluted, which makes for superior airflow and filtering over this component’s lifespan.
  • Dimples allow screws to be inserted in the event that the Filterfan 4.0 is being used in a high-vibration application.
  • For use with wet applications, the Filterfan 4.0 is also equipped with a drain to keep water from collecting in the device’s enclosure.

The series comes in five sizes with various airflows within those sizes. Pfannenberg Filterfans are rated NEMA 12 and with rain hoods can be rated up to NEMA 4X. The units’ gaskets further offer NEMA 12 protection. Filterfans 4.0 are available in unicoloured black and grey to complement modern machines and plants.
Originally invented in 1958 by Otto Pfannenberg, Filterfans 4.0 represent over fifty years of expertise and development. Pfannenberg offers eight Filterfans 4.0 types: PF 11000 (up to 17 CFM), PF 22000 (up to 38 CFM), PF 32000 (up to 65 CFM), PF 42500 (up to 94 CFM), PF 43000 (up to 15 CFM), PF 65000 (up to 297 CFM), PF 66000 (up to 462 CFM), and PF 67000 (up to 560 CFM). Filterfans 4.0 are ERP compliant to meet European efficiency directives.

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