Portable half frame discharger with bag dump, flexible screw conveyor

Mike Edwards   

Products bulk bag discharger Flexicon half-frame manual bag dump system portable

Flexicon has announced a portable half-frame bulk bag discharger with manual bag dump station and integral flexible screw conveyor that transfers material discharged from bulk bags and/or manually dumped from hand-held sacks into downstream process equipment or storage vessels, dust free.

Mounted on a mobile frame with locking casters for in-plant mobility, the portable half-frame bulk bag discharger system is said to minimize weight and maintains a low centre of gravity by eliminating upper frame components, relying on the user’s forklift or plant hoist to suspend bulk bags above the discharger during unloading.

The flexible screw conveyor transports both free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials including products that pack, cake, smear, seize or fluidize, with no separation of blends.

The conveyor support mast cantilevers from the frame, and runs parallel to the conveyor tube, allowing the caster-mounted system to maneuver in restricted areas. Afterwards it can be rolled to a cleaning station where a lower clean-out cap on the conveyor tube can be removed to flush the smooth interior surfaces with steam, water, or cleaning solutions, or to fully remove the flexible screw for cleaning and inspection.

The system is offered in all-stainless construction (shown), with stainless material contact surfaces, or in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings.

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