Applications and benefits of push to connect fittings

Mike Edwards   

Features Brennan Industries fittings

When it comes to low pressure instrumentation and plumbing applications of many kinds, saving time and ease of installation are the prime reasons for using Push to Connect fittings. These couplings are referred to in many ways; Push to Connect, push-to-pull, push-in, push-fit, quick-release and instant fittings are common names for a type connection that is an easily removed fitting which allows an air, gas or liquid flow line to be attached and reattached without the use of tools.

However, there are two primary styles of “quick-release” fittings which have distinct differences in application.

First: Push to Connect fittings, which are typically used for low-flow/pressure tubing applications. Second: Quick-connect fittings, which are used in higher pressure pneumatic, hydraulic, gas, steam, and vacuum applications. Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s focus on Push to Connect fittings. They are available in different materials and are selected based on the application and tube material. These fittings are typically made of…

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